UConn O&E Community Needs Assessment

UConn O&E Community Needs Assessment

A community needs assessment (CNA) will lay groundwork for the UConn Office of Outreach and Engagement (O&E) by identifying and documenting the needs of Connecticut communities. The following phases will be implemented:

  • Setup Phase: Use community listening sessions to determine focal area priorities.
  • Phase 1: Establishing the teams of facilitators and community advisors.
  • Phase 2: Developing CNA questions and stakeholder engagement plan, identifying indicators and components.
  • Phase 3: Collecting and reporting on existing data regarding community.
  • Phase 4: Collecting new data (community surveys, listening sessions, interviews, GIS mapping of community assets, etc).

By reporting on and synthesizing these findings, this project will help to 1) identify possible synergies between CT communities, UConn’s strategic plan, and the UConn O&E agenda, 2) provide support for community improvement to affect policies and initiatives, and 3) support UConn faculty who are seeking funding to address identified community needs.

Partner / Institution affiliation

UConn Office of Outreach and Engagement

Funding source

University of Connecticut